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DDESolve version 0.1

This project is a DDESolve is a solver for Delay Differential Equations using the numerical core of Simon Wood's solv95 programme. The user interface has, however, been completely reconstructed using Cocoa.

If you use the Python language, you may be interested in PyDDE. This is built around the same numerical solver as DDESolve.

The codes below are provided under the following conditions:

If you do not accept these conditions then do not download any code. Please get in touch if you find the code useful, or if you don't.

IMPORTANT: The source code in the DMG file will almost certainly not compile. I will fix this sometime. As it stands, the project is trying to link a number of libraries it does not use. Get info on the DDESolve target and go to 'Other Linker Flags' under the 'build' tab. You should see soething like this:-

Remove them apart from the last $(inherited). If it still doesn't work, please contact me.

Screenshot (1280x960 224kbytes).
Application (Universal binary)

This software is still at the beta test stage. Please let me know of any bugs or compilation/installation problems.

DDESolve Models

DDE Example Source

If you develop any interesting models for DDESolve why not send me a link?